When we start talking about tools of the trade for facial care, the rabbit hole can get deep very quick. There are a few very basic items that don’t cost an arm and a leg, but have significant returns on the initial investment. Enter the Beauty By Earth Rose Quartz Facial Roller!

Although facial rollers are the hot pick item in present day, this tool has origins tracing back to early China. It is believed that early jade rollers were part of of the skincare rituals used only by the royals and elite of China. The Yushi Gunlun contains jade, which is commonly referred to as the “stone of heaven”, and contact with this stone was said to bring protection from negative energy as it contains mysterious healing properties.

Fast forward a few hundred years, and replace the jade stone with another mystical stone, and we have the amazing rose quartz facial roller. Rose quartz is known as the healing crystal and the stone of unconditional love. Not only did I think that the pink crystal was pretty, I really liked the concept of the healing powers. I was open to the idea of promoting this universal love as the rose quartz is associated to the heart chakra.

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Personal Experience

I purchased this roller awhile ago, and found the quality to be very good, especially given the price point (under $30). I had been looking at more expensive ones, but decided that it was the stone that was the most important part, not the rest of the set up. In saying that, the Beauty By Earth Rose Quartz Facial Roller is absolutely beautiful! The rose gold metal holding the stones compliments the rose pink of the stone which makes the roller look very classy.

I appreciate that an additional measure has been taken to remove any squeaky sounds while rolling. I have come across other rollers that do not have the squeak guard, and find that the little bit of a sound of metal on stone can be slightly annoying after awhile.

The naturally cool rose quartz feels amazing on my skin, regardless the time of day. I find after using the roller even for a few minutes, I can reduce puffiness and stimulate the lymphatic drainage from my face. Not only that, I am able to target some areas of my face which seem to hold tension and use the roller to massage those areas. I cannot say that I have noted any diminished lines or wrinkles, as I admit, I don’t use this tool as consistently as I should. I have read hundreds of reviews claiming that this is true, so I really should make this part of my day and night routine (cause who likes wrinkles?).

Product Description

This rose quartz facial roller is a two in one roller: the big roller easily works the entire face and neck, while the small roller is perfect for the area around the eyes. The Brazilian sourced rose quartz stone is a durable stone which can withstand wear and tear (whereas jade is a softer stone and durability is reduced). As stated before, this stone is a naturally cool and non-porous, so it will naturally have a cooling effect for longer when rolling.

The rollers are held together with a sturdy rose gold colored metal, which accents the pink hues of the stone.

How To Use:

  1. The roller can be used morning and night on freshly cleaned and moisturized skin. Apply a couple drops of serum or facial oil to the face and neck.
  2. Beginning at the base of the cheek, use the large roller in an upward and outward motion from the center of the face. It is suggested to go over each section of skin 3 times, using light pressure.
  3. Once you’ve reached the forehead, use the same upward and outward motion.
  4. Once done, then switch to the smaller roller and use this to gently roll under the eye in an outward sweeping motion.
  5. Finally, switch back to the large roller and roll down the side of the neck, away from the face.
  6. It is suggested to wash the rollers with soap and water after every use to disinfect it and remove any bacteria.

Final Thoughts

The Beauty By Earth Rose Quartz Facial Roller is a great little tool to use for a few different reasons. Not only does the cooling stone feel great on your skin (especially under the eyes), it also helps de-puff and minimized fine lines around the eyes. The large roller stimulates circulation of blood flow, promotes collagen elasticity, supports lymphatic drainage, and just plain feels nice. I especially like the healing and love promoting powers of the rose quartz stone. I think that anyone who uses this versatile little tool will notice the effects, even if it is just a soothing roll every once in awhile!

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